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Miriam Conner

Miriam Conner was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and came to Austin, Texas when she was three years old. Graduating from St. Stephens Episcopal High School, she then received a Bachelors of Fine Art in Photography from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.

After graduating, Miriam came home to Austin and began managing Pine Street Station (an Artist warehouse and gallery) for two years, and has since planned countless art shows, in addition to co-founding Topology Art Warehouse. She has also worked with SXSW, Art Outside, Six Square - Austin's Black Cultural District, The City of Austin and more.

She is now on the African American Resource Advisory Commission for The City of Austin, which advises the city council on issues relating to the quality of life for the Austin City's African American community.

“At the age of fifteen, I discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know not many people are sure about what they want to do by the age of twenty-nine much less by the age of fifteen, but I am very grateful to have found that particular passion that wakes me up in the morning and tucks me in at night.

My life liberty and pursuit of happiness lies within art.”

"Today, definitions of art are changing. One usually does not consider curatorial activities as being a part of 'an artist's work.' Artistic authorship becomes blurred when the artist takes the role of director, producer, or curator." 



Miriam has received numerous awards for photography, including a gold medal from Scholastic at Carnegie Hall and an exhibit at the Mississippi Museum of Art. While she draws, paints and make films, she developed a passion for coordinating and curating art events through the skills honed during her time at CalArts.

Miriam grew up in the restaurant business, as her mother and stepfather started a restaurant called Gene's New Orleans Style Po'Boys, in Austin. She gets her business mindedness from her mother, Claudia Conner, who has helped small businesses in Austin for more than a decade. 

She has worked with SXSW Interactive, programming and organizing. She also managed Pine Street Station, a historical Artist Warehouse, event venue and gallery for 2 years as well as Topology Art Warehouse in central Austin. She has worked with Six Square - Austin's Black Cultural District project coordinating, and curating and now works with Forklift Danceworks as a Project Coordinator for Community Engagement. 

She has been in the Austin Art community since 2008.

Email: MiriamConner@gmail.com